One pic from our Apollon photoshoot we had two weeks ago!

Kaoru: me

Sentaro: Mokko 

and Weeru took the photo, thank you ☆

So yeah, today I’m leaving to Joensuu because there’s Kawacon on weekend. I’m going to stay at Weeru's place whole weekend with bunch of friends. 

Tomorrow we’ll have Tsuritama photoshoot with our group. I don’t usually make this simple cosplays as Natsuki to a con, but because it was photoshoot and we have a group so it’s okay uhh how do i english;;

On Kawacon’s first day I’ll wear Hibari Isora cosplay from Mawaru Penguindrum. I’ve wanted to do this cosplay a long time but never before got a chance. I was also unsure about doing this because my body type is anything but suitable for this kind of costume, buuuut we’ll have Triple H -group so it eases me that I know I won’t be alone in this kind costume. Oh yes, as you can see I’m still missing the hair-star-things but I’ll get them from Weeru later!

On Sunday I’ll wear Kaoru Nishimi cosplay from Sakamichi no Apollon. Like I said, I don’t usually wear this simple cosplays at con but I deciced to do Kaoru to Kawacon anyway, because Kawacon is very small con and I’ve also got Mokko as Sentaro !

I won’t probably have time for Tumblr sooo seeya after weekend (`ー´)┛ ☆

okay what is going on 

seems that i got accepted in to school i most wanted to

Good morning, I just wanted to say that I’ll be away from tumblr this weekend because I’m going to Desucon!

Today, on Friday I’ll cosplay Erio Towa. Friday it’s the shortest con day so I decided to use simple cosplay. On Saturday I’ll cosplay Tokiya Ichinose again, and we’ll be having huge UtaPri group there! *u* Saturday is a pretty long day so I think I’ll be tired with Tokiya at  evening, so I’m changing Tokiya to Tenma Matsukaze! My friend will cosplay Shindou and she asked me to do Tenma so it was kinda “last minute” ‘s decide to do Tenma. I was bit hurry with it, and as you can see it’s still a bit undone, but I’ll hopefully finish it in hotel tonight haha;; Aaand on Sunday, I’ll cosplay Shiemi Moriyama. I put most effort and money to this cosplay so uh I hope it won’t  break or something at the con.

(some parts of the costumes are already packed or undone so them aren’t in the pictures, i’m also sorry about the bad quality!)

If we’ll meet there, come to say hi! Have a good weekend everyone ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

kaoru wig and make up test!

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look what i got home today//

yes takem y hand

got a new wig few weeks ago! i forgot to post about it earlier but whatever

SUP PEOPLE tomorrow I’m leaving to Lahti because it’s Desucon Frostbite there!

And here’s something about my cosplays: On Saturday I’ll cosplay Joey from Heroman and on afternoon I’ll change to Tokiya from UtaPri. And on Sunday I’ll cosplay Tieria from Gundam 00. As you can see, I’m still missing a few stuff, so I’m going to finish those now.

Come to say hi if you recognize me, seeya there!!