testing my new tablet !

moksutin asked:
HALUAISINH VAINH TENHMAAAHHH piirrä mulle tenmAHJATSURUGI pakkoh terveisin: tommi

parumon asked:
mawaru penguindrum


suikka asked:
steins;gate !

OKARIN WAS TOO HARD TO DRAW SO  i mean it was hard to decide between okabe and mayuri but i ended up drawing mayuri!

Anonymous asked:
gundam age

Asemu !

lineartt asked:

thanks for waiting! my school just ended so i can finally answer these

Hiroto is one of my many favs! ( I didn’t include GO! characters here btw )

why am i so lazy

what i even tried to do


I need quit my art hiatus and start pacticing so I would get place in art high school (or however is that kind of school called in english) next year ( ´ Д )

reblog and draw your favourite tiger and bunny character with your eyes closed



keef goobmin at ur service